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5 Work from Home Stretches for Wrist Pain

5 Simple Stretches to Prevent Wrist Pain

Spending hours on the computer, playing video games, and working out are some of the common causes of wrist pain and injuries. It is important to keep your wrist flexible enough to prevent injuries. While there are many exercises you could perform to keep your wrist in a good condition, you need to pay special attention to the causes of this injury. Mostly, people develop wrist pain from typing, sitting in the wrong posture, and video gaming.

Now that millennials have started to embrace the work-from-home environment, it has become crucial for people to invest in an ergonomic chair, sit to stand desks, adjustable keyboard tray, and other such comfortable office equipment to prevent wrist injuries. If you have the habit of typing for hours, then consider the adjustable keyboard. Similarly, the sit to stand desks are designed to help you change your posture throughout the day. You don’t have to sit in the same position for hours. These special desks have an adjustable height that allows employees to raise and lower their computers and keyboards with one press of the button.

If you are still struggling with wrist pain and injuries, here we have mentions five basic and effective stretches that work. Let’s take a look:

  1.     Praying Position

Bring your palms together in such a way that both your elbows touch each other. You must be standing while performing this stretch. Bring your palm in front of your face and maintain the praying position. Without spreading the palms apart, bring your elbows apart and let your palm reach your waist while you spread the elbow. Don’t go beyond the belly. Maintain this stretch position for at least 30 seconds.

  1.     Clenched Fists

The clenched fist is another easy stretch that can be performed when you are seated. For this wrist exercise, you need to place your palms on thighs. Close your palm gently (make sure you don’t clench it too tightly). Lift the fist off your thighs and open your fingers slowly. You need to repeat this stretch at least 10 times a day.

  1.     Tennis ball Squeeze

If you have been experiencing wrist pain for a while, then give the tennis ball squeeze stretch a shot. All you got to do is squeeze the tennis ball. Do it as hard as you can as long as it doesn’t cause pain. Squeeze it for at least 10 seconds and repeat it 8 to 10 times a day.

  1.     Thumb Work

If you are looking for an easy stretch, then try thumb work. You need to fold your fingers into a fist while keeping the thumb up. Your thumb must face the ceiling. In other words, you need to form a thumbs-up sign. Make sure your thumb doesn’t move. You can pull back the thumb and repeat this stretch a few times.

  1.     Wrist Extensor Stretch

Keep your elbow straight and palm faced up. Use your free hand to pull the other hand down gently. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.



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